P: phosphorus
O: oxygen
Te: tellurium
N: nitrogen
Ti: titanium
Al: aluminum

The phosphorus in P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2 makes it a molecule of many characteristics. Glaring red, white, or purple, phosphorus can take many forms, and its combination with iodine and oxygen evokes a luminous, hissing spectacle. The metals in P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2 react with oxygen and nitrogen gases to shine lustrous white. P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2 is a vibrant molecule.

P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2 was approached through molecular modeling. 3D printing allowed for physical representation of the digitally generated molecule.

Wireframe molecule of P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2

Modeling P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2
Modeling P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2 allows users to view the molecule on a highly magnified scale. Modeling, in this context, is not just a prototype for something else, it exists as its own entity. P2O3Te3N2Ti2Al2 as a model allows users to explore its components and bond structure at a larger scale, gaining an understanding of its elemental characteristics and makeup.

The model has been scaled up approximately 100,000,000x.