P: phosphorus
As: arsenic
S: sulfur
I: iodine
O: oxygen
N: nitrogen

Atoms in P2As2S3I6O3N2 are both destructive and brilliant. Arsenic casts P2As2S3I6O3N2 as a deadly substance, and the application of energy ignites the reaction of phosphorus with oxygen and iodine.

Energy was the basis of the study of P2As2S3I6O3N2. Potential energy holds bonds together. It resides within the molecule, and is studied through the application of heat to disrupt composition.

The energy characteristics in P2As2S3I6O3N2 can be studied within its specific atoms or in the molecule as a whole. Additional studies are underway.

Wireframe molecule of P2As2S3I6O3N2

Measuring P2As2S3I6O3N2
The photo shows the force field within P2As2S3I6O3N at 300K. Translucency in arrows indicate motion over time.